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Feel free to join us - this is more of a private RP site, so we require the acceptation of an administrator before you can start posting on the forums - but feel free to register and RP with us, for we're all fairly friendly and welcoming.

» The pack is currently moving to the new territory in the Grand Canyon area of Yellowstone.

» September 2012 Wolf of the Month is Turner!

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Rules and stuff Empty Rules and stuff

on Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:41 pm

~ There aren't many rules. But yeah, you can use inappropriate language, however it would be great to keep it to a minimum. Don't use a swear word in every sentence you send.

~ Your character can be whatever species you freaking want it to be. Any-freaking-thing. Want it to be a bird? Sure. A feline? It's all cool. Want it to be a fish? A worm? Well, I guess that could work out as well.

~ PM me about original/non-existing species though, hybrids and stuff.

~ Be active. Please. Activity is the thing that makes the pack going.

~ Don't troll. Just.. don't

~ No SPAM. Sure, you can double-post, sometimes even triple-post, but don't SPAM on purpose.
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