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» The pack is currently moving to the new territory in the Grand Canyon area of Yellowstone.

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Dens Empty Dens

on Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:29 pm

Dens, of course, are wolf dens. Home for wolves of the pack. The main den of the pack is located at the Home Falls, but if your character wants some privacy, they can get a personal den in any area of the territory.

Shoot me a PM if you'd like a personal den, stating where exactly would you like it to be, the description, a preferred title (for example, The Hidden Den etc.) and a picture (make sure it's not copyrighted, search for free stock images) so I can set up the thread.

What can I do with a den?
Well, you can live there on your own, or with another wolf (a mate, pup, family etc.) - you can disallow some members of entering your den (again, inform me so I can modify the topic) or make it available only for some of the users. You can also purchase items from shopkeepers - they'll be added to the description of the den, with the pictures and everything.

How many types of dens are there?
Small, and medium sized.
The medium sized of course are more expensive, meant for more than two wolves. Small sized ones are alright for two wolves, but no more. If you have a small sized den and want to upgrade, you don't have to change your den, just pay for a medium sized den and consider it updated.

What can my den look like?
Anything, as long as it's more or less realistic and possible. An old car will do, anything, really. I know a spaceship would be freaking epic, but sorry, nope.
You can have it as a hole in the ground, as a tree trunk, or perhaps a den under the roots of a tree? Perhaps a small cave in a cliff? Anything, really.

Where can I purchase a den?
The point store, as always. [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
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